q & a

Q:  Where did the name “Two Trees” come from?

A:  Contrary to popular belief, Beth and Cheryl are not the two trees of Two Trees Counseling.  In fact, the name has theological significance.  It grew out of a lot of long conversations over coffee.  Each conversation led to the hope that our practice would be about navigating life between two trees-the tree in the garden of Eden and the tree in the New Earth (Revelation 22:2).  Life lived between these two trees is where we feel the tension of what we were built for and what we hope for.


Q: Why do you have works of fiction on your bookshelves?

A:  We place a high value on story because we feel that each client that walks through our door is their own unique story teller.  We have also found that reading good stories helps us to be better counselors, and helps us to imagine, with our clients, what life could be beyond their smaller stories.


Q:  What should I expect on my first visit to your office?

A:  You can expect a calm, quiet, waiting room.  We schedule our clients with enough time between that our waiting room is never crowded.  We want you to feel as at ease and at home as possible, so we have set up our office in a way to facilitate that.